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Meninas Football Club are an FA Charter Standard, girls-only football club based in Ware, Hertfordshire.

The word 'Meninas' (men-e-nez) translates from Portuguese to mean 'girls' meaning the club are quite literally a girls' football club, completely dedicated to improving the female game.

The club was founded to give girls the opportunity to try, learn, improve and enjoy playing football.


The club are affiliated to the Hertfordshire FA and all teams play in the Hertfordshire Girls Football Partnership League.



Meninas Football Club welcome all players new to the game of football to try the sport for the first time. The club encourages its players to be creative and try new things on the pitch. Creativity is key.


The Meninas Football Club coaching syllabus covers all four corners of the England DNA. Players are encouraged to make mistakes, both in training and on matchdays, before learning from these through self-exploration and guided discovery.


Players at Meninas Football Club are offered additional training sessions (Futsal, 1-2-1, holiday camps and Player Development Centre), individual training programmes and ball mastery activities that can be practised at home to improve their game. 


An enjoyment of the game, being part of a team, making new friends and sharing in team and individual success is of paramount importance at Meninas Football Club, for our youngest players and throughout the club. 


In 2015, after a successful tournament for their school, eleven girls signed up to create a first girls' team within a local grassroots club. This team progressed brilliantly over their two seasons with the club but the number of girls wanting to play football began to grow.

After a successful girls' football week in November 2017, with forty girls playing football for the first time, it was clear a new structure had to be put in place to help develop girls' football in the local area. It was then that a decision was made to form a new, girls-only football club. Meninas Football Club was founded in 2018. 


Meninas Football Club's enthusiastic and hard-working committee has helped fund-raise and support the club hugely over the past few years. 

During presentation day, the committee raffle raised over £1,000 to enable the club to purchase a defibrillator

Our committee is split in to five sub-committees:

  • Financial (treasurer, chair, vice-chair, club secretary, kit and equipment officer)

  • Fund-raising (social secretary, parent representatives liaising with vice-chair)

  • Parent representatives (parent representatives and vice-chair)

  • Player voice (chair, welfare officer, club secretary)

  • Coach development (club secretary, coach development officer, chair)

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